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Please find a selection of our many testimonials below.

“I injured my left shoulder badly at the gym. I couldn’t raise my arm, driving the car was difficult and sleeping was a nightmare. After a couple of treatment from Danny, the intense pain started to go and now after a few more sessions, I’m almost back to normal. I was a bit nervous about going for acupuncture, but Danny is very easy to talk to and was very reassuring, now I look forward to each treatment. They’re very relaxing and I feel totally refreshed afterwards”.


“I have been attending Danny Cai’s Acupuncture Clinic for the past few weeks for treatment on a very painful tennis elbow problem. Previously I had some Physio treatment and Cortisone Injections and had no relief from the chronic pain. Initially I was unsure what Acupuncture treatment would involve and also whether it would be painful. Danny’s caring and professional manner helped me gain confidence in the treatment, and also the relief from constant pain was such a relief to me, being able to sleep was even better. I would have no hesitation in recommending Acupuncture Treatment by Danny to anyone who is in constant pain, and would also like to thank him for being so kind to me, he helped me overcome my fear of needles”.


“When I went to my doctors visit, I was unable to lift my arms above my shoulder or move my head at all, my doctor made an appointment straight away for me to see an acupuncturist to treat my muscle spasms. I felt very sceptical that a few needles in my aching body would do any good at all, but I was really surprised.

After my first treatment with Danny, I could already feel an improvement. It was wonderful. Every subsequent visit, I felt better and better. After approximately ten sessions, I felt 100% improved and more than satisfied with my treatment I have received. I would recommend to anyone with problems to try acupuncture, and have done so already. I found Danny to be pleasant, very knowledgeable and really helpful. He explained in simple term what he was doing and why. If the need arises ever again, I will not hesitate in seeking the treatment. Thank you Danny”.


At the time of my first visit to Danny, I was unable to work a full eight hour day, walk or stand for more than a few minutes at a time, do basic household jobs or any gardening. I was in constant pain, living on a cocktail of high-powered painkillers and other medication.

I went to Danny at the suggestion of my GP, who admitted to not knowing what else to try, after treating and undiagnosed muscle complaint for four years. At that point in time, I was ready to try anything and made my first appointment with Danny. Progress was slow at first, and I thought about giving up, but slowly I found that I was taking fewer painkillers and that my working day was getting longer. At the end of the series of treatments, I was working a full 40+ hours a week, not taking painkillers and able to live an almost normal life. Now I visit Danny about once a month for a top up, and I feel better and am more active than I have been for almost four years. I certainly recommend a visit to him”.


I was referred to Danny Cai for acupuncture by my Doctor because of bad back pain which reoccurred every 1 to 2 years. I had tried many other treatments but with no success.

The first 3 days I could hardly walk but after that it became less painful. It was Saturday and after 5 days the pain was almost gone although I still had very limited movement. After 10 days I could walk around the golf course with my daughter and have a few hits. After 14 visits my back is now better that it has been for many years.

I will return to Danny for any other problem I may have in the future. Danny was very kind and easy to talk to. He explained to me what he was doing the whole time and always checked that it was all right with me. I would like to thank him for the help he has given me and would recommend him 100%.


Some time ago, I sustained a fracture of the spine resulting in much pain in my lower back. X-rays revealed also osteoarthritis. professional recommendation directed me to Danny Cai’s Clinic. The treatment I received at the clinic was so successful that I no longer need to take pain killing drugs. Clearly, this type of treatment has achieved desired restoration to comfortable living. Since Danny’s treatment has helped me, I feel confident that it would offer similar relief to other sufferers of arthritis. A grateful patient has submitted this unsolicited statement.


A recent injury to my shoulder which saw me seeking medical assistance at 3 am, lead me to experience, for the first time, the ancient skill of Chinese Acupuncture.

After leaving the After Hours Surgery with a pack of pain killers, an ACC form and little hope of a quick recovery I was faced with the prospect of a lengthy spell off work. I could not write and needed the full use of my right arm to carry out my job. Having already heard about Chinese Acupuncture I decided if I wanted to recovery quickly, I should perhaps give Acupuncture a go, making an appointment with Danny Cai at DSC Acupuncture Clinic (AcuClinic Barrington).

To my astonishment and relief I had a great reduction in pain after the first treatment and regained almost all mobility in the joint by the end of the third visit. In fact I was back at work just two days after the accident.